Carmen the best-selling Cocktail Station for 18 years, indestructible and with plenty of space inside

Cocktail Station Carmen

Why choose the Carmen cocktail station

  •  The most innovative and complete model on the market.
  •  Designed for the most demanding mixologists.
  •  3-year warranty.
  •  High quality stainless steel structure.
  •  Insulated ice tank.
  •  Unique and innovative design.
  •  Exclusive model of Non Solo Flair.
  •  Made in Italy.
  •  Easy to clean.

The Work Station Carmen is the best-selling station model produced and designed by Non Solo Flair in Europe for 18 years. It is a professional cocktail station for barmen, bartenders and mixologist complete with everything needed to be able to develop various cocktails. A 150 cm wide steel cabinet that can accommodate what the most demanding barman needs, cube ice, crushed ice, ice spheres, giant ice cubes, fruit, bottles of juice, fruit puree, syrups, bitters, home made , liqueurs, distillates, glasses, equipment and much more.

The Cocktail Station Carmen is essential for all bars, American bars, cocktail bars, discos, lounge bars, speakeasies that want to provide a fast and high-quality service. Everything in its place to speed up the service as much as possible and extend the life of all the fresh products. This Station, thanks to its structure and material, complies with all health and hygiene regulations.


  • 1 sink welded to the structure;
  • 1 faucet with extractable shower siphon to guarantee excellent cleaning;
  • 1 high pressure tool rinser welded to the structure;
  • 1 ice cube tray of 16 kg (29 lt.);
  • 1 tub of crushed ice of 11 kg (19 lt.);
  • 3 large fruit tubs with airtight lids;
  • 5 small fruit trays with airtight lids;
  • 1 cooled compartment for 9/11 bottles (can also become a tub for ice or other);
  • 1 cooled compartment for 6/8 bottles (it can also become a tub for ice or other);
  • 2 removable bottle holder pockets for a total of 26/28 bottles (steel speed rack);
  • 1 removable shelf for blender and mixer;
  • 1 compartment for bottles or spare material (about 40/45 bottles);
  • 2 pull-out garbage drawers;
  • 4 reinforced rubber wheels, 2 with foot lock.

The Carmen Cocktail Station has a very large and modular central basin. This, thanks to a system of compartments interchangeable in arrangement and size, lends itself to any need of barmen and mixologists. With a very simple gesture, we can create up to 4 separate tubs of ice to cool bottles of wine or other. This Station has an innovative and one-of-a-kind system for cleaning shakers, bostons, mixing glasses and measuring cups with high pressure water, practical and fast. We were the first to use this quick wash system. It is also equipped with 2 compartments for depositing the rubbish produced during work such as glass, plastic, paper or damp.

The Carmen Work Station is built entirely of the best quality stainless steel. The central tank is welded to ensure long life over time. It is also insulated, this means that the ice, fruit, juices, homemade and fruit pulps that are placed in the tank have a long life and do not deteriorate. Thanks to an innovative material that surrounds the tank, the temperature inside is always around 4/6 °C (same temperature as a fridge). This insulation, in addition to extending the life of perishable products, prevents the condensation of the ice. The central bowl is also equipped with a central drain that prevents the formation of water in the ice and facilitates cleaning.

We have been producing Work Stations for over 18 years and aware of the high quality we give to our customers we are able to give an above-average guarantee. Our steel stations have a 3-year guarantee.
Cleaning the Carmen Cocktial Station is quick and easy. Once the central tank has been emptied, just use the faucet with shower siphon to rinse it and then dry everything with disposable paper.

Technical data

  • Material: AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Internal tank material: AISI 304 stainless steel welded for greater impermeability
  • Colour: polished steel
  • Total dimensions: cm 150 x 80 x 105h
  • Worktop height: 95 cm
  • Tank depth 60 cm + 20 cm bottle holder
  • Hydraulic system loading ½ – unloading 1 ¼ and ½
  • Insulated central tank
  • Internal tank temperature 4/6° C


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