What do we do

We make little dreams come true

Our projects range from bars, cafes, wine bars, cocktail bars, discos, outdoor gardens, restaurants and any project in the Food & Beverage sector.

We are able to manage both new projects from scratch and renovations.

Also to design and supply stainless steel Cocktail Stations, customized steel cocktail counters and luminous counters, all for both indoor and outdoor use.

Our team is made up of several professionals in the sector, all with at least ten years of experience.

A consolidated group of designers, architects, carpenters, steelmakers, consultants and salesmen helps you to make your dreams come true.





How do we do it:
Our work develops in 10 distinct phases:

  • Inspection at the client’s premises to view the structure, learn about and listen to his needs..
  • We compare ourselves internally to find ideas suited to the client’s wishes (3 heads are better than 1).
  • We offer the client more solutions to understand if we are on the right path.
  • Once a project has been approved, we develop a very detailed technical drawing, a realistic rendering and a quote.
  • We make a second inspection to check if the measurements on the drawing are correct.
  • We start with the production by realizing all the elements of the furniture internally, both wood and steel.
  • We assemble the structure to verify the final result together with the customer.
  • We deliver and personally assemble the entire project under the super vision of the customer.
  • The site is supervised for the entire duration of the work by one of our managers.
  • We close the site only when we are fully satisfied of the customer.


The carpentry occupies an area of 2,000 square meters with a fleet of machines that allows us to create every type of furniture, counter and woodworking internally. A group of 8 professional carpenters gives life to each project. For us, wood is life, passion and warmth.

The Steel Processing occupies an area of about 2,500 square meters. We have an enviable workforce that allows us to create a number of projects in a short time. We work steel with the same passion and precision that a Japanese blacksmith adopted in creating the perfect Katana.

The processing of steel

The technical office

We are able to create CAD technical drawings, very realistic renderings and freehand drawings, all to make it easier for our customers to understand. Starting from a blank sheet of paper and a morning we bring your dreams to life.