Made in Italy

Bar counter Oblique

Why choose the Oblique bar counter

  • Reduced price.
  • Light to carry.
  • Great scenic impact.
  • Guaranteed elegance.
  • Easy to clean. Shock resistant.
  • Long duration.
  • Made in Italy.

The linear Oblique bar counter can be placed outdoors next to the pool, on the beach or on the terrace. This bartender station is suitable for all those bars, cocktail bars, hotels, wine bars or discos that want to offer a bar service for aperitifs, cocktails or simply for pouring wine.
Also ideal as an indoor bar, simply placed in a hotel room, in a nightclub or in a cocktail bar.

The linear Oblique bar counter is made of a plastic material called high density polyethylene, sturdy, light and easy to carry. It is equipped with a large work surface and a very large countertop. The lower part of the counter is completely open to be able to reposition all the necessary material, such as bottles of spirits or wine, glasses, work equipment or even refrigerators. There are shelves that can be applied in the lower part as an option.

The linear Oblique bar counter can be combined with the angular Oblique bar counter so as to create unique workstations both in shape and size. You can create straight, angled or completely closed square bar counters.

Cleaning the Oblique bar counter is very simple. You can use a damp cloth and neutral soap.

Types of bar counters

  • Linear bench measures: 140 x 90 x 110h cm
  • Corner bench measures: 100 x 100 x 110h cm

Technical data

  • Material: high density PP plastic
  • Color: white or black
  • Linear bench measures: 140 x 90 x 110h cm
  • Corner bench measures: 100 x 100 x 110h cm
  • Linear weight: 42-69 kg
  • Corner weight: 40-62 kg
  • It combines with other counters of the Oblique line


  • White Eco Leather front
  • Front Black fabric
  • Internal shelves in HPL
  • HPL work shelves
  • Top shelf in HPL
  • HPL colors: white – black
  • White LED lighting



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