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Bar counter Cordiale

Why choose the Cordiale bar counter

  • Light to carry only 47.5 kg.
  • Completely brown.
  • Possibility to insert a cocktail station.
  • Shelves in HPL marble effect.
  • Resistant to impacts.
  • Long life.Easy to clean.
  • Made in Italy.

The Cordiale bar counter is a unique work station of its kind in luminous plastic material (optional). The counter can be purchased simply white or in different variants: lacquered white and brown, completely brown and optionally you can add the lighting system. Suitable for all needs, it can be positioned in any type of venue: bar, cocktail bar, beach, terrace, disco, wine bar or simply in a hotel room. This station is suitable for all those bars, hotels or discos that need a support point for cocktails, aperitifs, bubbles or simply for pouring wine.

The Cordiale bar counter is made of a plastic material called high density polyethylene, which is sturdy, light, and easy to carry. It is equipped with a work surface to place bottles, glasses, fruit, etc and a counter. The lower part of the Cordiale bar counter is open to be able to reposition all the work material, such as liquor bottles, spirits, wine bottles, glasses, fruit pulps, ice or shelves (optional).

The lighting system consists of two lamps, is located under the counter and is easy to access (optional). The lamps comply with all current regulations and are energy saving (optional). This bar counter has the possibility of adding an RGBW LED light system with battery charger. Low energy consumption, possibility to create all the desired colors and use different preset light effects. The RGBW lighting system is controlled from a mobile phone or tablet, the battery lasts 25 hours with 6 hours of recharging.

The Cordiale bartender station is designed in such a way that it can be placed side by side with other counters of the Cordiale line. This allows the counters of the Cordiale line to create a bar counter with different shapes and sizes. For example, you can create linear, corner or square compositions of the desired measurements.

Cleaning the Cordiale bar counter is very quick and simple. You can use a damp cloth with mild soap.

Types of bar counters

  • Linear bench measures: 120 x 70 x 110h cm
  • Angular bench measures: 70 x 70 x 110h cm

Technical data

  • Material: high density PP plastic
  • Color: brown or white
  • Linear bench measures: 120 x 70 x 110h cm
  • Angular bench measures: 70 x 70 x 110h cm
  • Linear weight: 47.5 kg
  • Corner weight: 25 kg
  • It can be combined with other benches from the Cordiale line


  • HPL internal shelves
  • HPLR worktops
  • HPL top counter
  • HPL colors: white, brown, marble effect
  • White LED lighting
  • RGBW LED lighting with battery charger
  • Sink for corner counter
  • Cocktail station
  • Bottle pocket



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