Lightweight and easy to handle


Lots of options included in the price

Soft Kiosk Bar for Street Food

Why choose the Soft Kiosk

  • Very light and easy to move
  • It can work up to 2 people
  • Complete with hermetic cover
  • Over 10 accessories included in the price
  • Robust and long-lasting
  • Resistant to bad weather

The Soft Kiosk bar is practical, light and versatile, perfect for creating a ready-to-use bar both inside and outside your venue. Used a lot for Street Food and Street Bar thanks to its ability to be customized according to customer requests.

The Soft Kiosk has a cover that acts as a sunshade with hermetic closure and pistons to facilitate opening. This kiosk is entirely made of fiberglass, a material resistant to any atmospheric agent, robust and practical. The kiosk is self-sufficient because included in the price are given different equipment to work. The Soft Kiosk bar is not afraid of bad weather, water resistant (under the snow -60 ° on the beach + 50 °).

Ideal for composing, Frappe, Milk Shake, Smoothies, centrifuged, granita, ice cream and yogurt by purchasing specific machinery and cold rooms. Wines, beers, cocktails, drinks of various kinds, coffee, hot chocolate and tea can also be served. This Kiosk is ideal for Street Food, we give you the possibility to create any type of food: Sushi, Kebab, hot and cold sandwiches, sandwiches, Hot Dogs, Wurstel, fried fish, battered vegetables, boiled meat, first courses and much more according to your imagination.

The Soft Kiosk is supplied without wheels and without trolley, but complete with accessories (specified below). The base color is glossy white. This counter can be customized as desired, changing the color, adding stickers, modifying the shape of the structure, inserting many options inside.

Included in the price

  • Worktop in white fiberglass
  • Self-supporting water-resistant platform
  • Entrance door with external hinges and closing system
  • Pneumatic lid / roof opening with pistons
  • 2 LED spotlights for internal lighting
  • 5.5Kw electrical system with control panel and lifesaver
  • 6 scattered electrical sockets inside the kiosk
  • 1 bottle shelf
  • 1 stainless steel sink
  • 1 tap with clinical lever
  • Water loading / unloading system (2 tanks of 25 liters)
  • Waste discharge
  • 1 external industrial socket
  • Structure WHITE color
  • Glossy gelcoat finish

Technical data

  • Closed bench dimensions without trailer: cm 219x227x205h
  • Closed bench dimensions with trailer: 219x341x245h cm
  • Open bench dimensions without trailer: 219x227x265h cm
  • Open bench dimensions with trailer: 219x341x305h cm
  • Structure material: fiberglass
  • Platform material: water-resistant wood
  • Base structure: galvanized iron and varnished
  • Color: white


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