One of a kind


100% made in Italy

Kiosk Bar Chicco for Street Food - Cocktail

Why choose the Chicco kiosk

  • One of a kind
  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Complete with hermetic cover
  • Over 50 options
  • Up to 3 people can work on it
  • Robust and long-lasting
  • Made in Italy

The Chicco kiosk is practical, light and versatile, perfect for creating a ready-to-use ponto bar both outside and inside your restaurant. The Chicco Kiosk provides a cover that acts as a sunshade with hermetic closure. This bench is entirely made of fiberglass, a material resistant to any atmospheric agent, robust and practical. Chicco weighs only 300 kg, is easy to handle and is completely self-sufficient. 100% made in Italy. Chicco is not afraid of bad weather, resistant to water (under the snow -60 ° on the beach + 50 °.

The Chicco Kiosk is equipped with over 50 options to satisfy even the most demanding customers. It can be used to create cocktails by inserting equipped tubs (cocktail stations), refrigerators and sinks inside. Ideal for composing, Frappe, Milk Shake, Smoothies, centrifuged, granita, ice cream and yogurt by purchasing specific machinery and cold rooms. Wines, beers, drinks of various kinds, coffee, hot chocolate and tea can also be served.

Finally, the Chicco Kiosk is ideal for Street Food, we give you the possibility to create any type of food: Sushi, Kebab, hot and cold sandwiches, sandwiches, Hot Dogs, Wurstel, fried fish, battered vegetables, boiled meat, first courses and much more according to your imagination.

Thanks to its options, the Chicco Kiosk is self-sufficient: an electric connection is enough to make the equipment positioned inside work. There is also an automated water loading and unloading system using an electric pump. If you need to move it, there are 2 very functional systems, the first has 4 wheels to be able to move it simply, the second includes a trolley, approved for the street where by loading the Chicco Kiosk on it you can move it anywhere.

Included in the price

  • White color structure
  • Glossy gelcoat finish
  • Worktop in white fiberglass
  • Self-supporting water resistant platform
  • Entrance door with external hinges and locking system
  • Pneumatic lid / roof opening consisting of four compressed air columns
  • Column locking system
  • Air pump for lid / roof lifting

Technical data

  • Closed bench dimensions: cm 350x236x118h
  • Open bench dimensions: cm 350x236x235h
  • Structure material: fiberglass
  • Platform material: water resistant wood
  • Base structure: galvanized and painted iron
  • Color: white


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